For over 14 years, JOliva Enterprises has been deeply embedded in change initiatives
that build engaged work environments and safe work cultures, where people truly believe
the only work to perform is safe work.  JOliva Enterprises follows the Home Safe Always
Program which is customized to every client’s safety program, project and organization so
they can build towards a work environment where everyone commits to demonstrating
the safety attitudes and behaviours that will ensure everyone goes home safe and healthy,
every day. This program is the reason that we have one of the lowest accident rating in the industry because it starts at the top and ends with the boots on the ground.  Everyone is held accountable for the others actions and outcomes.

Our Philosophy

At J Oliva Enterprises LLC, our number one goal is our customers' satisfaction. This includes not only their satisfaction with the quality construction, timeliness and cost effectiveness of our services, but with the entire process as well. Each job-site team adopts the mission and objectives of our customer, forming with the customer a seamless connection and an organization that resembles the customer's organization itself. Our reputation for quality, timeliness, consistency, technical capability, flexibility, good communication, and competitiveness have established us as Best Value contractor.  
J Oliva Trucking was established in 2002 by Julio Oliva, President. As owner he started out as a trucking company working in central New Jersey supporting heavy civil construction projects for different public & private authorities. 
J Oliva Trucking has grown over the last 10 years from trucking services developing into a civil/marine/maintenance construction/contracting company working with different federal agencies including but not limited to USACE NY district, NAVFAC Mid Atlantic and PWD Philadelphia. Because of this growth we now operate as J Oliva Enterprises LLC. 


TEL: 1.908.300.8483

                                           FAX: 1.800.895.5660

320 EAST MAIN STREET.  Somerville, NJ 08876